Website promotion is an integral part of running a successful online business. Promoting your site on the internet follows the similar principle to promoting any business, listing you business in business directories, making sure people know about your business, news letter drops etc.There is one main benefit of Internet promotion and promoting your business on the internet, it can and will happen much quicker than offline! So, where to start? Once your site is complete (and I mean 100% complete) you need to begin your internet promotion campaign.

On Page Optimization:

  1. A detailed keyword research (if necessary)
  2. Robots text file must be made
  3. Page name must contain keyword. If necessary, a folder must be created.
  4. If necessary, various canonical issues must be solved.
  5. Create JavaScript external file (if necessary)
  6. Header text with h1 tag.
  7. Write Meta title, Meta description and keywords.
  8. Write header text and footer text with right keywords.
  9. Optimize alt tag with right keywords.
  10. Optimize the body content through appropriate use of keywords in the right place.
  11. Modify the footer links
  12. If necessary, make a breadcrumb
  13. Make an error page
  14. Make a sitemap of the website. A detailed and XML sitemap must be submitted in search engines

More about Search Engine Optimization
The objective of Search Engine Optimisation * (SEO) is to achieve high natural search engine placement for relevant keywords or keyword phrases.
Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process that aligns a website's code and content with strategic keyword phrase targeting, ultimately assisting a search engine algorithm in understanding a website's keyword focus. SEO can be simple for some websites, while others may require intense website code, content, navigation and internal linking changes. Our SEO services have proven to significantly increase natural search engine rankings.